Founded in 2019, Premier Care is a Local Non-profit organization in Kenya for Families that has continued to better Lives by Health Awareness Education, consultation and Management at zero cost.

Our services major in Women and Children offering pre conception consultation and care, Conception care, Delivery, Post-partum and Parenting care.

We Interact through various platforms which include WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.

Other services include:

Hpv vaccine awareness, Mental health care, Fitness and Exercise Guide, Baby Essential Supplies, and Relationships Fridays Quorum.


Informed cohorts in health awareness through health information and education using simple terms and free interaction platforms with highly qualified professional advises.


  • Zero cervical cancer rates by 2030 by ensuring all girls age 10-17 are vaccinated.
  • Decrease in mortality rates in below fives through proper and prompt management of all childhood fevers.
  • Decreasing rates of miscarriages by preparing to conceive in soundness of health.
  • Zero neonatal deaths by encouraging mums to go for early trimester scanning and late trimester scanning.
  • Stable marriages.
  • Cardiac awareness and kidney wellness through activity and proper dieting.
  • Better and Charming Mama Africa.