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Infant supplements and Water

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1.What are some of the supplements a lactating mother can take to boost an infant’s immunity?

2. Are there other supplements recommended to be given to infants of 0-6months?

3. And lastly, can you give water to infants, if so

Topic starter Posted : 09/11/2021 11:04 pm
Member Admin

Mother’s can take osteocare suppliments,folics and Omega suppliments on top of eating a clean diet to help their babies obtain clean and nutritious milk which will not only help them grow well but also prevent their babies from obtaining Infections such as eczema or bacterial Infection due to bad diet( refer to our article on bacterial Infection)

Babies before one year are best if they are not exposed to any form of drugs even suppliments. That is why you will find that most pharmacist even scientists have not created specific drugs to that age. Because they should not take some unless their health is compromised we give but with doses adjusted. 

Water is very good for a baby. I know most doctors or representative Hospitals will tell you not to give water but trust me water is safe than any drug. Water is clean and can manage constipation. Water is good for colic. We are talking about zero toxins. 

We advise mum’s to take extra water that’s drink for three people and eat for one. 

Posted : 10/11/2021 5:23 am
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Sharon Akinyi
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Should we give our little ones folic acid?? What quantity? 

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Posted : 18/11/2021 1:54 pm