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On Sunday, I did a poll about sex life with a new born.

The data was worrying.

70% of mums had sex with their babies in the same room and same bed awake or not.

The major reason was that they are small and don’t get it.

Ever think the major problems with the sexual offenders? It’s the background they came from. An aggressive role model… which is basically dad and mum staying free with the sexual matters.

Why are more and more children in pre-primary schools are having ill manners?

A report by juvenile sex offenders in 1995 estimated that 17% of sex offenses by children were made by children from backgrounds where parents were performing the sexual activities openly throughout infantry stages and childhood.

Majority of the sex offenders came from low background homes or single rooms or bedsitters merely having a baby-cot. This perpetrates defiant sexual arousal. Away from Becker report 1995.. to our kenyan world..

In all honesty,

How many mums have been compelled to attend school cases where one child kissed the other or tried to have sex with the other?

The data is worrying. This minor sexual offenses can become worse with age.

Why do you think spread of HIV is higher in youths?  Because they have less control on their bodies.

Why is marriage in slum areas for young girls so rampant?

Or why do you think children from suburbs are reserved and most of them almost have their first sex in campus?

It is the home setting.

Why do you think mums are having sex with their children or dads with their daughters?  Because there is that curiosity your child wants to experience the exact way his/her other parent feels.

Do you think it’s a must to have sex at night shaking the bed with your child beside you? Can we have some conscious for ones and raise descent children (coolkids).

Having a single room is not a reason to have sex with your children beside you wondering what is happening… Of course cool kids have a nursery, sleep in their beds or cots from birth and parents are free, but still that doesn’t mean sex is anyhow. Sex has to be planned.

On those good days you can go outside and have sex by a hotel room and talk.

On extreme bad days you can have sex while the baby is asleep but what if they wake up in the middle of the act? Unless it’s too slow and gentle sex always plan it far away from your child.

For instance when at home for holidays we don’t have sex in the house because, we have a small house which is poorly separated. We usually  do it outside the compound when everyone is asleep, under the moon…and damn, I miss that so much!!

I remember another time they had gone home ahead of me and when I followed them two weeks later, it was really tough trying to hold our urges. We sneaked at the back of the house but even we couldn’t do anything yet our daughter was calling out. The next day we were lucky when our sun left with a friend to play and our daughter slept that’s when we got the chance…I still wonder how we survived that long in the same bed just kissing and holding to sleep.

Because a baby cot was expensive for me and quick disposal to it,

With my first baby I resorted to buying a bed 4*6 which has continued to serve him to date.

*They share the bed with the second born and for the third one he has his own bed 3.5*6 and the pillowcases are her partner at night cuddling him.

You can also do it.

Doesn’t have to be posh nursey, just somewhere decent.

Waking up at night should not be a problem and if you stay strict not responding to every demand this baby will learn to sleep 6 straight hours at night by 6 weeks. By 6 months sleeps 8 or more hours at night.

Don’t be too patient remember Charles Darwin once said survival is for the fittest and those humans who can survive difficult conditions.

Don’t be too bubbly dovey to your child because in the future he/she might regret why he had you for a parent.

The world needs tough people who can kick a*s and live on like champions.

Regards-Miss Janet(mother,Wife,Student,Freelancer)











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  • nice job here @ premiercare. god bless your gentle steps

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